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Chargebacks, when do they apply?

Case Study . 14 Nov 2023

The complainant was scammed into making an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payment for a holiday. After realising he was scammed, he requested the Bank to effect a chargeback. The Bank advised that they are only able to process chargebacks where a card was presented for payment, authorised, and [...]

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“Buyer’s Remorse” not grounds for termination

Case Study . 05 Oct 2023

The complainant entered into an agreement with the dealership to purchase a vehicle. The complainant then applied for vehicle finance with the Bank. The finance application was approved, and the vehicle delivered to the complainant by the dealership. Upon taking delivery the complainant noticed [...]

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Is it an age-old problem?

Case Study . 15 Sep 2023

The complainant was of the view that a Bank’s loyalty programme was discriminating against senior clients and their ability to earn rewards. The Bank explained that this is not the case and special considerations are given to senior clients. Senior clients are in fact able to participate in t [...]

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Terms and Conditions have to be crystal clear

Case Study . 22 Aug 2023

The complaint related to fees charged on the complainant’s home loan account. The Bank advised that the fees related to amounts deposited into the account by the complainant at an ATM. The complainant argued that the Bank’s pricing guide only states that fees will be charged on the account when [...]

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Emails intercepted by fraudster

Case Study . 23 Jun 2023

The complainant gave an instruction to her investment Banker to close her investment account and transfer the funds to her cheque account. Once the investment account was closed, the account was then handed over to the complainant’s private Banker who managed the complainant’s transactional acco [...]

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Agree To Disagree

Case Study . 12 Apr 2023

The complainant defaulted on repayment of the minimum monthly instalments due and payable in terms of an overdraft credit facility held at the bank. The bank instituted legal proceedings against the complainant and obtained a default judgment. In terms of the default judgment, the complainant is lia [...]

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When Can You Exit Debt Review?

Case Study . 07 Mar 2023

The complainant successfully applied for debt review and a debt rearrangement order was granted in June 2019. In July 2021, the complainant obtained an order from the Magistrates court, declaring that he was no longer overindebted. Based on this order, he requested his credit providers remove his de [...]

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Careful Of New Phishing Scams – And Carefully Read Your Notifications From The Bank (OTP Details)

Case Study . 14 Feb 2023

The complainant had packages waiting for collection at the Post Office. He received a notification on email, which appeared to be from the post office, with a link, advising that the packages were at the post office, and he needed to pay a “collection fee” of R42.50. He pressed on the link [...]

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MasterCard Rules: No Authority to Debit

Case Study . 10 Jan 2023

The complainant wanted the bank to reverse an amount of R38 700.00 from his account. This amount was debited by a car rental company. The bank engaged with the car rental company and was informed that the amount was in respect of a towing charge. The rental company had to tow the vehicle due to [...]

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International Transfer Debacle

Case Study . 10 Nov 2022

The complainant queried the time taken by the bank to respond to and action her request for an international transfer. The complainant stated that it took the bank from 21 February 2020 to 3 March 2020 to effect the requested transfer. As a result of the delay, the complainant suffered a loss of R16 [...]

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Failure to Follow Correct Inter-bank Fraud Reporting Procedure

Case Study . 30 Sep 2022

The complainant, who was 86 years old, fell victim to internet banking fraud. She compromised her confidential information to a third party, and as a result she suffered a loss of R48 500.00. Our investigation ascertained that whilst the complainant was negligent as she compromised her banking [...]

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Wrong Bank Card Noted on the Complainant’s Profile

Case Study . 14 Sep 2022

The complainant, a 65-year-old pensioner, was a victim of card swapping at an ATM. He contacted his banker immediately and requested his card to be stopped. However, transactions totalling a sum of R29 160.00 went off his account. The complainant advised that on the day in question he imme [...]

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