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Incorrect Payment: Bank’s Failure to Act Timeously/Customer Service Breakdown

Case Study . 05 Aug 2022

The complainant, who was a pensioner, visited the branch and advised his private banker that he had made an erroneous payment into a third-party account (which was also held with the bank).  The private banker established that the beneficiary account was held with FNB. The funds cleared before she [...]

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Even debts can expire

Case Study . 13 Jul 2022

The complainant concluded a loan agreement with the bank on 8 November 2011. The complainant lodged a claim with our office as he was of the view that his account had prescribed on 30 August 2020. He lodged a dispute at Experian credit bureau and raised a defence of prescription. The bank then dismi [...]

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No limits, but I didn’t do it

Case Study . 07 Jun 2022

NO LIMITS, BUT I DIDN’T DO IT We received complaints from several of the Bank’s customers who alleged that they had lost their credit cards and thereafter several unauthorised transactions occurred on their accounts. These transactions exceeded the agreed credit limit on the accounts.The Bank d [...]

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Payment made in error

Case Study . 06 May 2022

PAYMENT MADE IN ERROR The complainant made payment to an incorrect beneficiary account. He then approached his Bank to assist him with reversing the payment. The Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) has rules in place regarding reversal of payments. As per these rules, for a reversa [...]

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Risky Business

Case Study . 30 Mar 2022

RISKY BUSINESS The complainant purchased a property on auction from the Bank and to date has been unable to take occupation. This is due to the previous owners refusing to vacate. The complainant requested a refund of all payments made thus far in terms of the home loan agreement.  When purchasing [...]

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Mistaken Identity

Case Study . 03 Mar 2022

MISTAKEN IDENTITY The complainant received several calls from the Bank over a period of three years, demanding payment of arrears on a mortgage loan account. The complainant advised the Bank on numerous occasions that she did not have a mortgage loan account with the Bank.  In March 2019, the comp [...]

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Bogus Cheque

Case Study . 08 Feb 2022

BOGUS CHEQUE The fraudster had provided the complainant with a proof of payment showing that an EFT had been made to the customer’s account, after which the complainant released the goods to the fraudster. The Bank had in fact informed the complainant by means of an SMS notification that [...]

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Awareness of Risk

Case Study . 05 Jan 2022

AWARENESS OF RISK The complainant’s husband passed away. The complainant had never held a bank account in her own name; however, as a result of her husband’s passing, she was compelled to open an account to enable her to receive the payments from the estate. When opening the bank accou [...]

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No Mandate

Case Study . 02 Dec 2021

NO MANDATE The complainant received a payment from an overseas Bank. Subsequently, the overseas Bank sent a recall request to the South African Bank and advised that an erroneous payment had been made into the complainant’s account. The overseas Bank paid an incorrect amount and then requeste [...]

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Balancing the books

Case Study . 03 Nov 2021

Balancing the books The complainant, who was 78 years old, fell victim to a fraudster. He visited the Bank and reported the fraud. The Bank on that day undertook to reimburse the disputed transaction of R 6 765.53 as a gesture of goodwill, and to block his account. It subsequently came to light tha [...]

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Fair play

Case Study . 30 Sep 2021

Fair play The complainant contacted her Bank telephonically, firstly to obtain a copy of her credit card statement, and secondly to ascertain why she was not receiving SMS notifications. The Bank consultant that assisted her advised that there had been a technical issue, but that her SMS notificati [...]

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Clear communication is key

Case Study . 07 Sep 2021

Clear communication is key The complainant (“the customer”) paid an amount of R 1 230 000.00 for a conveyancing transaction. The complainant was however a victim of a “change of banking details scam” whereby the fraudsters hacked her emails and changed the banking details to their own. The [...]

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