Gesture of goodwill


The Complainant was robbed whilst she was on holiday in France. The Complainant’s cards and cell phone (which were in a bag attached securely to her waist) were stolen. The Complainant phoned her brother from the local police station to ask him to cancel the cards. While the Complainant was at the police station, fraudulent transactions took place on her account. The Complainant requested that the Bank refund the total amount of these transactions (R14 936).


The matter was investigated by our office and it was ascertained that the Complainant’s card and PIN were used to carry out the disputed transactions. The Bank however agreed to refund the Complainant in full as a gesture of goodwill, taking into consideration the lengths the Complainant had gone to in an attempt to mitigate her losses.


Principle: In certain instances, a Bank will compensate consumers as a gesture of goodwill. These goodwill gestures are in line with ensuring the TCF principles are central to its corporate culture.


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