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Saving tips – Getting into the habit of accumulating instead of spending is important

Press Releases . 01 Jul 2020

July is National Savings Month and there is no better time to think about how you are going to reach your future financial goals.   Even though 2020 thus far have not been kind to most South African’s pockets, one should not give up on financial goals.  

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The role of the Banking Ombudsman’s office is more relevant than it has ever been

Press Releases . 13 May 2020

The impact of COVID-19, and the financial crisis that is bound to follow in its wake, will have a lasting impact on society and business as a whole. It will be a time of great financial stress and a time where the services of bodies such as the Ombudsman for Banking Services (OBS) will be needed now more than ever.

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How to bank safely and effectively during lockdown

Press Releases . 15 Apr 2020

Consumer concerns related to Covid-19 including fears of being infected by the coronavirus while attending to their banking matters and stress related to debt issues have come to the attention of the  Ombudsman for Banking Services.  

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Business continuity in response to COVID-19

Press Releases . 30 Mar 2020

Following President Ramaphosa’s announcement on Monday, 23 March 2020, of a national shutdown to combat the spread of COVID-19, the Ombudsman for Banking Services (OBS) have adhered to his request and enforced the requested lockdown of our office premises.

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Beware of vishing as scammers look for spare cash

Press Releases . 01 Feb 2020

Unfortunately, vishing is not new, but customers may be new to the scam. That’s why the Banking Ombudsman wants to warn customers, particularly in these tough economic times, when consumers are more vulnerable.  Vishing is a method used to trick banking customers into divulging their confidential banking details, to scam unsuspecting bank customers out of their hard-earned money,” says Banking Ombudsman Reana Steyn.  

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Be one step ahead with bargain hunting Black Friday

Press Releases . 01 Nov 2019

For many South Africans Black Friday and Cyber Monday may bring welcomed bargains, but Reana Steyn, the Ombudsman for Banking Services,  cautions consumers to be aware that the increased hype around sales and quick bargains also increases the risk of fraud.

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Banking Ombudsman urges customers to check statements and raise questions immediately

Press Releases . 01 Oct 2019

“Losses and problems as a result of fraud in the personal banking space, are not the only cases that keep the Ombudsman for Banking Services (“OBS”) busy. The OBS investigates complaints involving disputed outstanding balances and terms on home loans, personal loans and revolving credit plans (RCP) on a daily basis,” said Reana Steyn, Ombudsman for Banking Services.

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Ombudsman for Banking Services ensures relevance at international ombudsman scheme conference

Press Releases . 30 Sep 2019

This week the Ombudsman for Banking Services South Africa hosted the 12th annual conference of the International Network of Financial Services Ombudsman Schemes (INFO Network).The conference  hosted  92 delegates from 27 countries representing 36 financial ombudsmen from all over the world, from 30 September to 2 October.  

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Business Email Compromise (BEC) fraud

Press Releases . 26 Sep 2019

Business Email Compromise (also called E-mail interception fraud) is a type of scam that targets companies and individuals who do electronic funds transfers from one person or entity to another.

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The Ombudsman for Banking Services is now your one – stop shop for all banking related complaints.

Press Releases . 05 Sep 2019

In the past all credit bureau related complaints, even those involving a bank, have been directed to the Credit Ombudsman, whereas all other bank-related complaints were dealt with by the Ombudsman for Banking Services.

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The Bank Ombuds alerts women to remain cautious

Press Releases . 20 Aug 2019

August is Women’s Month and with the focus on women and their finances, the Ombudsman for Banking Services analysed their complaints to assess their concerns.

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Online banking fraud keeps Banking Ombudsman on its toes two years running

Press Releases . 23 May 2019

The Ombudsman for Banking Services (OBS) has today released its Annual Report highlighting some interesting statistics for its operations for 2018. Key highlights for the year

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