In the past all credit bureau related complaints, even those involving a bank, have been directed to the Credit Ombudsman, whereas all other bank-related complaints were dealt with by the Ombudsman for Banking Services.

As of 1 October 2019, all bank related complaints, including credit bureau listing related complaints that involve a bank, may be lodged with the Ombudsman for Banking Services. This change will make the complaints process more convenient and possibly less confusing for consumers.

Credit bureau complaints involving banks vary and may include complaints related to the listing of inaccurate or incorrect credit information, the listing of insufficient or incomplete credit information, the listing of out-dated credit information, the lack of notification to consumers prior to the listing of adverse information, listings in respect of prescribed debt, duplicate and/or double listings in respect of the same debt, service disputes (i.e. non-payment of an account or debt due to a dispute relating to service to which the account relates) and listings following incidents of identity theft and/or identity fraud.

It is important to note that all non-bank related credit bureau complaints will still be dealt with by the Credit Ombudsman.

“In the interest of customer convenience and providing a less confusing complaints resolution process, we believe that this change will serve the consumer, and the bank customer better,” confirms the Ombudsman for Banking Services, Reana Steyn; “ We will ensure that the consumers receive the same expertise that they are used to in relation to other types of complaints when it comes to our new mandate to investigate credit bureau related disputes”.

How to complain:

  • Lodge a formal, written complaint directly with your bank's dispute resolution department
  • Ask for a complaint reference number from your bank
  • Allow the bank 20 working days in which to respond to your complaint
  • Obtain a written response from your bank, OR
  • Consumers can contact the office of the Ombuds for Banking Services for free assistance if they experience any banking problems or would like us to assist them in lodging a complaint against their bank.

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