Please note that before you can make a complaint to the Banking Ombudsman, you will need to go through the checklist below to make sure that you have completed all the necessary steps.
Did you contact your bank’s specialised dispute resolution department and lodge a complaint with them first?
If yes   -
proceed to next question
If no    -
give bank’s details - You must contact your bank’s specialised dispute resolution department first.

Click here for Member banks contact info
Did you obtain a written response with a complaint reference number from the bank?
If yes   -
proceed to the next question
If no    -
kindly contact your bank and request a written response to your complaint. Alternatively, if you have already waited 20 days or more, you may also proceed to the next question.

Did you complete the application for assistance with the following attached?
  • A copy of the complaint that you sent to the Bank’s Dispute Resolution Unit
  • A copy of the response received from the Bank’s Dispute Resolution Unit to the OBS Application
  • Did you Quote the reference number of the Bank’s Dispute Resolution Unit in your Application for Assistance
If yes   -
then a member of OBS will be in touch shortly
If no    -
please complete our online application form or alternatively you can contact our friendly call centre staff who will gladly assist them in completing an application form over the phone

Kindly Note:
We understand that you may have lodged your complaint with various bank staff members already and that you may be frustrated. Our experience has however shown that this process facilitates a quick resolution of complaints that have substantial merit.